Brookfield Primary School
Recently members from Rotary Otumoetai attended Brookfield Primary School to present Usborne English Illustrated Dictionaries to the Year 5 students, what a fantastic gift for these kids. We wish these students success and discovering meanings to new words...
Here is a comment from Carol Burborough Rotarian and Deputy Principal of Brookfield Primary School.
"What an amazing donation! Every Year 5 student has received a lovely Usborne English Illustrated Dictionary from the Otumoetai Rotary Club. Rotarians came into school and presented these dictionaries to our students this morning. Rotary is a voluntary organisation, the members improve their communities by providing help with education, health, and peace projects. Thank you to our local Otumoetai Rotary Club."
Julie Picquot - Rotary Youth Exchange Student 2012
We had a recent visit from Julie Picquot who was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student with our club back in 2012, she made a pact with her partner Alex to bring her to New Zealand. Julie and Alex stopped by for dinner and Julie updated us on her career achievements since she was a exchange student. Julie and Alex will continue their tour of New Zealand with visits to the South Island. Thank you for visiting us and we wish you safe journey and success with your career. (Photo: Alex, Julie and Bevan)
Teaching Kitchen at
Niusawa High School (Fiji)
Home Economics Department
Kitchen Bench
Open Kitchen Bench
Working Progress of Kitchen
Our current international project in Fiji is coming to a close with the final stages be completed this month, the school currently has a room but it has not been fitted out as a kitchen. There is no equipment to assist the learning process of food preparation, cooking and safe food handling.  The Home Economics teacher runs the programme with very limited resources. The completed project would deliver a hygienic kitchen, with modern sinks, stoves, refrigerator/freezer, pots, pans, cutlery and cooking utensils.
Comments from Helene Brown - "I think those students have the best Home Economics centre in Fiji! This could not have been achieved without your club’s support. Once again thank you."
Well done to everyone at Rotary Otumoetai who was involved, this project was a partnership between Taveuni Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Benthleigh Morrabbin Central and Redondo Beach Rotary Club.
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Dec 09, 2019
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Waste Watchers
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Apologies - Reminder Members please send apologies for the December 9th meeting to Clyde Stewart, for the December 16th Christmas Dinner please email attendance for both yourself and partner to Bevan Rakoia -

Cambodia - Undiscovered Lands Paul Noonan, informed the club of a bike trip in Cambodia, The Cycle trip confirmed by the operator Red Spokes to start in Phnom Penh on 31 May 2020, which would be in the area of school that the group can visit on Thurs 4th and Fri 5th of June, there are 5 people committed to the trip. If you are interested in the trip or know of a keen cyclist please visit 

Christmas Dinner - Monday 16th December - See flyer


Rosters for October through to December 2019

My third month in Tauranga – Update Jannik Michel
(2.10.19 – 28.10.19)
I really feel, like my third month was nearly dominated by one trip and experience after the other.
I went on a short trip to the McLaren Falls on the 2nd October and had a nice walk up there and I´m really looking forward to visit this place in summer again, when it is possible to go swimming in the stone pools.
The first of my two highlights in my third month, is the two-day trip to Gisborne. Paul Noonan took me with him to Gisborne and I spent there a wonderful day with a lot of sightseeing and also a lot of scenic walking, for example along the waterfront up on the Titirangi Domain and also to the Bernie Vette Lookout, from where I had a wonderful view over Gisborne and the harbour. I went to the James Cook memorial and also the ship of James Cook, the “Endever” was still in the harbour. After a really nice day in Gisborne we drove home and also the car drive was a special experience, because of the really impressive nature in the “Waioeka Gorge” with the River next to the nearly endless road between the mountains. 
Especially in the middle of October there was a lot of rain, but despite the rain, Paul, Rachel and I drove on the 12th October to the “Redwood Forest” and the “Cat Café” in Rotorua. After the really special experience in the “Cat Café”, we used the break of the rain and had a really nice walk through the “Redwood Forest” and a nice trip to one of the lakes. 
On the 13th October, I went up the Papamoa hills the first time and Paul told me a lot about the different tribes of Mauri people, who lived in this region.
The trip up north at the Labour Weekend with one overnight stay in Mangawhai and two nights in an amazing holiday house at Coopers beach was definitely my highlight this month. I learned not only a lot about the history of Paihia and the “Treaty of Waitangi” I also watched a traditional Mauri performance at the memorial place for the “Treaty of Waitangi”. For dinner we had fish and chips from a really traditional pub, where everyone was already dressed for Halloween. We visited the Cape Reinga on our second day and I took a look at the famous white Lighthouse on the cliffs.
 After that, we went on a really nice scenic walk from up on the cliffs down to the beach, where I went swimming the second time this year. 
 At the sandboarding with Paul after the walk it really surprised that you can find dunes like normally in Abu Dhabi or Dubai also here in New Zealand.
This Weekend was one of the best I´ve had since I here and I´m so grateful, that Rachel and Paul give me all these great opportunities to save wonderful impressions and experiences while I´m staying here in Tauranga. You can see, that this month I saw so much more of New Zealand and I´m really looking forward to my three-month holidays and the South Island trip with all the other Exchange students, which starts at the 16th November to see and experience much more of the country.
Meetings each second and fourth Monday of the month – 5.45 p.m. for 6.30 p.m. at Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, Sulphur Point, Tauranga.  There will be no meeting on public holidays, and these dates will have been rescheduled in the same month.   All guest are welcome to join, please contact a club officer to confirm such dates.