Rotary Youth Exchange Student Arrives Soon
Presidents Minute: Sheraton Grand Mirage Port Douglas
Sheraton property become famous for a couple of reasons, the property is the main reason for Port Douglas tourism to this quiet little town, and in the early 90’s and the recession had forced businessman Christopher Skase who had built the property into a difficult situation and he made national headlines in Australia. I work at this property from June 1999 to the end of Jan 2000, worked very hard for those 6 months, main Restaurant as a bus boy, mainly the breakfast shift busing table for 600-800 guest, then we turn the restaurant over for another 200 for lunch. I would sometimes work in the Banquet Department or the Activities Lounge after my shifts. It was the norm to work multiple departments. I lived with 2 Indonesian students who I went to hotel school with and worked at the same property, we would walk to work along 4 mile beach from where we rented our house, some 35min minute walk. Really nice. The weather there is tropical, during December 40 degree heat with humidty in the 90’s. I celebrated the Year 2000 in Port Douglas.   
THE STEWARD - Rachel Ackerley and the Tour De France
Rachel quizzed the members on their knowledge of the Tour De France.
Bit of some trivia for you:

"4 days after they lost the court case forcing the name change, Henri Desgrange announced his plans for Le Tour de France in L’Auto. The original itinerary was for the race to start on 31st May and finish on 5th July. with an entry fee of 20 francs. One week before the race was due to start, only 15 riders had signed up. Desgrange fearing disaster rescheduled the race to start on 1st July and finish on 19th July, He increased the total prize money to 20,000 francs, reduced the entry fee to 10 francs and guaranteed to pay five francs a day to the first 50 cyclists in the classification.  By 1st July 79 riders had entered the race, of whom 60 showed up at the start line. Géo Lefévre became the director, judge and time-keeper; Henri Desgrange was the directeur-général, he did not follow the race, choosing to stay in Paris where he could distance himself from the race if it flopped.

The 60 riders departed from the Cafe au Réveil-Matin in Montgeron on the south side of Paris at 3:16 PM on 1st July 1903. 21 were sponsored professional riders. Desgrange stationed race officials along the route to make sure that the riders rode the entire route."

Otumoetai College and Starsopoly Returns 14th, 15th August 9am to 1.30pm
Commitment to the Otumoetai Way is an integral part of being a member of our Otumoetai College Community. The Stars Programme, provided by the Graeme Dingle Foundation helps facilitate working together and respect for one and all – two of our school values.
This term, the Stars Programme brought the community into the school through playing Starsopoly. Organisations ranging from local businesses, faith based youth groups, Equality Clun, Planned Parenthood and sporting clubs all had squares on a GIANT monopoly board. Year 13 Peer mentors escorted their Year 9 mentees around the board and completed many activities including all option subjects available to Year 10's.
Starsopoly was the final activity for programme provided by the Graeme Dingle Foundation who aims to enhance school culture through positive youth development. Evidence shows that Stars contributes to the well being of the students by helping them gain practical skills and life skills such as: working with others, connecting to their communities, meeting personal achievements, improving relationships with friends and developing relationships with older peers. 
Business Meeting - Our first business meeting for the year, minutes of the meeting will be circulated to members in due course. 
New Subscription - Do not forget to adjust your automatic payment to the new monthly subscription of $70, please do so before 31st July
Starsopoly Event - We need volunteers to man the Rotary Booth at the Starsopoly Event at Outmoetai College on August 14th and August 15th from 9am to 1.30pm each day. This has been a great event for Yr9 students at Otumoetai College. The last 2 years Rotary has arranged a booth alongside other community organisations. Our theme has been "Where in the world is Rotary" listing where Rotary is and what Rotary does. Students are able to take away some knowledge of Rotary. Please inform John Knowles or Club President Bevan, if you can help.
Cambodia - Undiscovered Lands Paul Noonan, informed the club of a bike trip in Cambodia, The Cycle trip confirmed by the operator Red Spokes to start in Phnom Penh on 31 May 2020, which would be in the area of school that the group can visit on Thurs 4th and Fri 5th of June, there are 5 people committed to the trip. If you are interested in the trip or know of a keen cyclist please visit  
Apologies - Members please send apologies to Keith Mcleod
Upcoming Events
29th July - Social Outing Yet to be confirmed
12th August - Guest Speaker Local Artist Jamie Harkins, also students from Otumoetai College will talk about their experience about Spirit of Adventure and RYPEN
26th August - Guest Speaker Tenby Powell
Words by the Sage
Nola Ardern

First Thought

May each one of us according to his/her belief give thanks for this food and for the opportunity Rotary affords to serve our fellow friends.

Final Thought
There is nothing intangible about Rotary: It is reality itself. To give is to receive; to lose oneself to be happy to serve. These are old truths for the individual and the mass, whether application be in the exchange of goods, toil, knowledge, or love.
President               Bevan Rakoia           578 9511           Mobile 027 461 2127
Secretary               Nola Ardern             576 2410  Mobile 021 752 335
Treasurer              John Knowles          548 2324          Mobile 027 499 9456
Picture Below: Rotary Youth Exchange is one of may youth leadership programs Rotary Outmoetai supports, Age 15-18yr old NZ students go away for 12months, school and live in another country, a lifetime experience where you meet new friends, experience a new culture, share your kiwi culture.
Meetings each second and fourth Monday of the month – 5.45 p.m. for 6.30 p.m. at Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, Sulphur Point, Tauranga.  There will be no meeting on public holidays, and these dates will have been rescheduled in the same month.   All guest are welcome to join, please contact a club officer to confirm such dates.