Rotary Meeting via Zoom
We held our first business meeting via zoom, amazing how much you can fit into 40min. Minutes will be distributed in the meantime. It was great to see you, even if you do not have a camera. The board is looking into going back to the yacht club for our next meeting. We will be in contact with more details. 


Next Meeting - Monday June 5th, with changeover schedule for June 29th, more information will be given out about protocols for the evenings.

President Elect Paul Higson - A draft calendar has been emailed to members, Service Projects empowered by members interest, also including our regular club meetings and also business networking as we look to support local businesses.


Covid Tracer App
Fast and effective contact tracing is essential to stopping any further spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand. NZ COVID Tracer supports this by creating a digital diary of the places you visit.

The first time you open NZ COVID Tracer, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a password. You’ll then receive an email with a 6-digit code that will allow you to complete the registration process.

You can then visit the app dashboard to register your details, let us know where you’re staying, invite friends and whanau to download the app, and register your interest in features that will be added to the app in future updates.

You’re now ready to start using NZ COVID Tracer to create a digital diary of the locations you visit. Simply select the ‘scan’ option and point your camera at any COVID-19 QR code poster so the code fits within the target area on the display of your phone. A green tick will show up on the display when the QR code has been scanned successfully.

Hint: make sure to give NZ COVID Tracer permission to access to your camera when prompted.


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Cambodia Charitable Trust 
Our international project supporting the Cambodia Charitable Trust and their teachers training in Cambodia.
Summary of First Semester Report of Ang Baksey Cluster
Academic Year: 2019 -20202
The following are the main activities have completed (Nov 2019-March 2020)

1. Teacher training workshop activities
Since schools have started November 2019 until March 2020, CCT has conducted training workshops on teaching strategies and producing teaching materials for all teachers and school administrators of Ang Baksey Cluster 4 times (1day for each time).
2. Conduct training workshop for lead teacher 2 lead teachers were selected from each school to attend training workshop on interactive teaching strategies and how to use CCT’s observation tool effectively. The purposes of the training to gain their teaching ability beyond what they already have in order to help the teachers at their school regularly. In addition, by building on their teaching and learning ability specially, they are able to conduct training workshop for their school teachers as well as other teachers in the future. The training workshops conducted and coordinated by senior trainers from Takeo TTC and DOE.
3. Teaching and Learning materials distribution( teacher kit)
All teachers received teaching and learning materials from CCT. These materials include A4 paper, colour paper, crayons, colour pencils, paper chart, cardboards, markers, correction pen, glue ATM, two sizes cello tape, journals, plastic for lamination, capacity units, food charts, animal charts, fruit charts, computer supplies and other supplies for school administration office.
4. Providing library books and supplies
All libraries of the schools at Ang Baksey Cluster received library books, pencils, colour paper, A4 paper, large cello tapes, crayons, scissors, rulers,.…etc for students using in the library. Also, the materials for Resource Center were replaced regularly to ensure that materials are available for teachers every time.
5. Teacher observation and feedback
All teachers of each school were observed and providing feedback by their school director, using CCT’s observation tool. By observing teachers teaching, they identified that some teachers needed specific help so they reported it to senior trainers.
The senior trainers observed those target teachers and providing feedback one to one, identifying specific points / areas need improving. Finally, the senior trainers promise to come back and observing them again in second semester to see their improvement.
6. Health materials / First kit distribution
All schools at Ang Baksy Cluster received health supplies, these materials include soaps for washing hands and toilets, tiger balm, supplies and medicine for help with small injury, glows, alcohol,.…etc.
7. School Director and Deputy capacity development
Monthly meeting with school directors and deputy directors were conducted regularly. The purposes of the meeting to check with work planned last moth and prepare action planned for the following month. During the meeting they have opportunity to learn and sharing ideas
each other. They work cooperatively. In addition, we invited school management specialist from POE to share ideas with them.
Meetings each second and fourth Monday of the month – 6p.m. via online webinar site ZOOM.  There will be no meeting on public holidays, and these dates will have been rescheduled in the same month.   All guest are welcome to join, please contact a club officer to confirm such dates.