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February Update – Jannik Michel – New Zealand

Back at school doesn’t mean fewer amazing moments! When you don’t believe me, just read this Update about my February here in New Zealand. While I´m writing this, I can’t really believe it, that I´m already staying here in Tauranga for 7 months or 216 days. 216 times waking up in the morning and 216 times going to bed in the evening. Every day is special and I try to enjoy this amazing time as much as possible. 

My February was one of these months, where the weekends were just there for travelling and meeting new amazing people. 

Right at the start, on the second of February Paul took me to the first cricket match in my live. After 20 minutes struggling with the rules, it was an amazing time also when the Black Caps lost the game. Thanks Paul for this really nice Kiwi experience!  

The 6th February was Waitangi Day and I used this sunny and nice day off school for taking a look at the Waitangi Day celebration at the historic village and going for a swim at the beach. The celebration at the historic village was quite nice, because it was a good mixture between historic background, information but also food and live music. 

The 9th February was definitely one of the most fun days of this month, I went together with my two German friends from Otumoetai College to Rotorua and we did the famous Luge and enjoyed the amazing view from up the gondola down to Lake Rotorua.   

The afternoon was pure adrenalin, one of the most important action sights in Rotorua is the white water rafting on Kaituna River. We accepted the challenge and rafted down a seven-meter-high waterfall, which is the highest commercial rafted waterfall in the world.   

This day was just amazing and I was really tired on the way back because of all the action. Thanks also to Rachel and Paul who drove us to Rotorua because they had a meeting for the Youth Exchange there. 

The next weekend was not less exciting, because I had my second Rotary Youth Exchange meeting at the Mi Camp next to Lake Taupo. In addition to the great water activities we did,  like water biscuit, Kayaking and swimming on the Lake, I also met the amazing new south American Exchange students, who are spending their year in Whakatane and Papamoa.  

We also developed and practised our presentation, which we are going to do at the district conference in Rotorua. Thank you for all the people from the Youth Exchange committee who helped organizing this amazing weekend for us. Also, a big thank you to the sons of Vivian Edgar who provided their Jet ski, that we were able to have a lot of fun on the water biscuit. And in this Update, I want to say how crazy it feels to be already one of the oldies, also when the last time here in New Zealand was just going over so fast. I hope that the newbies can also have the best time of their live here on exchange! 

On the way back from Lake Taupo Paul and Rachel showed me the Huka Falls, which are quite a nice natural sight near to Taupo. 

The last amazing day in February was definitely the trip to Hamilton. After getting up really early to use the day as good as possible Rachel and me went to the Hamilton Gardens, where we were able to see many different theme gardens. My favourite was the Surrealisms garden, because of all the funny oversized garden tools.  

It was totally worth it to go there, but there were more interesting and exhausting events coming up. After the gardens we went to a market at the airfield in Hamilton where we were able to buy handmade things and take a look at all the little planes. The Hakarimata might be one of Hamilton’s hardest walking tracks with about 1500 Steps up the hill, but the view over the Waikato river, and Hamilton was just so amazing that I would always do it again.   Before we went back to Tauranga we also visited Rachel sister who is living in Hamilton. This day was really nice, thank you so much Rachel for giving me the awesome opportunity to see Hamilton and all its sights. 

I´m looking forward too many more fantastic moments in march. Thanks for to all the people who made this month so amazing for me!




Club Meetings - Club meetings are suspended until June 2020, this will be monitored as we move forward, Jo and her staff have been informed at the Yacht Club and our gratitude and sympathy has been passed onto them as they work through this time. All speakers have been cancelled also. The Board will continue to meet and be active, we also encourage directors to reach out to their committee as social support and any services one may require.

Cambodia - Undiscovered Lands ***Bike trip has been postponed to another date***Paul Noonan, informed the club of a bike trip in Cambodia, The Cycle trip confirmed by the operator Red Spokes to start in Phnom Penh on 31 May 2020, which would be in the area of school that the group can visit on Thurs 4th and Fri 5th of June, there are 5 people committed to the trip. If you are interested in the trip or know of a keen cyclist please visit 

Rotary Tauranga Book Sale 7th & 8th March 2020 - The book fair was a success and members supported the cause in assisting with parking duties, many thanks to Keith Mcleod for organising and doing most of the heavy lifting again. 

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