Outward bound teaches social and emotional behaviour within strong values framework, self awareness, self management, social awareness, social skills, Charlotte says thanks for Rotary Otumoetai, she has penned a letter of her experience.


Dear Otumoetai Rotary Club

Thank you for allowing me to attend OB and experience all its amazing opportunities. I came to OB not knowing that the next 3 weeks would be some of the most life changing and memorable weeks of my life. I experienced things I would never have experienced, made many lifelong friends and created memories which will stick with me forever. 

One of my most memorable moments at OB would have been sailing. The weather was perfect (almost too perfect for sailing), and everyone was in a good mood cracking jokes and laughing… probably at the fact our boat was barely moving. For the 36 hours we were out at sea I learnt many new skills such as jibing, steering the boat and how to row in time with 9 other people which proved to be way more difficult than expected. At first, anchor watch didn't sound like the most fun job when told it meant we had to sit on the Bow of the boat for two hours at night making sure the boat didn't move. I was quickly proved wrong when sitting on the bow at 11oclock, water lapping against the sides of the boat with millions of stars above. I no longer felt tired, in fact I didn't even want to go to sleep with a view like that right above my head.  

Before coming to OB, I was excited to discover where my mental and physical limits lay and what my values are. OB definitely allowed me to discover my values and limits. Gratitude was an important value I discovered at OB. I learnt that there is so much to be grateful for in life even when challenged physically or mentally. Within the first week of returning home, I have already been conscious of the goals I made at OB and have felt a real shift in my attitude towards life and the challenges it throws. 

I came home from OB with an open mind and much more confidence in my values and goals. I now feel like I can take on any challenge and give it 100 percent. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend 21 days in the Queen Charlotte Sounds, experiencing all the challenges and memories OB has to offer. There were challenging times, like getting into frozen wetsuits early in the morning and tamping for 10 hours straight uphill, but these are the times that I am most grateful for as they helped me to grow. I cannot thank you enough for all the memories, lessons and experiences you opened up for me by allowing me to attend OB. 


Charlotte Cameron