Rotary Otumoetai taking part in starsopoly community adventure with 400 year 9 students at Otumoetai College. The aim is to inspire all school age New Zealand children to reach their full potential through programmes that help build self-esteem, promote good values and which teach valuable life, education and health skills. Rotary' s youth leadership programmes does so through RYLA, Summer Science School, Outwardbound, Rotary International Youth Exchange just to name a few.

There are around 400 year nines. About 100 students playing the game at a time. The race begins in the school auditorium with groups knowing which community organisation to interview first. Once these interviews are completed groups roll the dice and the game begins. Where groups land on the Game board indicates the location of the challenge. The group must work as a team to complete the challenge and score as many points as possible. If a groups land ON YOUR square they will need to find out questions.

As far as interviews go are the students interviewing us or we interviewing them and do we need some supplementary questions to those you have suggested?

The students have a booklet with all the organisations and OTC groups that are on the game board. The questions are there to help start the conversation but you can have a challenge, ask the students questions- whatever you feel appropriate to get your message to the kids.

The goals and objectives for the day:

Outline: Students participate in a fun tour of their community to gather information about local resources, supports and opportunities.

Learning Intentions: Students will

1. Define community and explore their relationship to community

2. Explore services, opportunities and supports available within their community

3. Apply a range of skills which connect them to community (communication, problem solving and team work)

Here are the questions for the day:

1. What do you do at your organisation?

2. What value or skill helped you get to where you are?

3. Why was this important?

4. What was one thing you wish you had known in your first year of High School?

5. How can you help me?

6. How can I help you?