Contributing our support to the Cancer Society Daffodil Day annual garden display, our little garden in the heart of Bureta, Tauranga. Another community project from the Rotary Club of Otumoetai.
The Daffodil Garden in Bureta Park, Tauranga started off in 1994 by the Rotary Club of Otumoetai by then Club President David Simm. David was diagnosed with cancer and suggested to the club to plant a Daffodil Garden somewhere in the park. There were strict guidelines on what you can grow in parks. With the permission and assistance from the city council, 2 sites were surveyed and added to the Reserves Master Plan. Club members dug the site and prepared the garden for the planting of the bulbs. The project was completed after several working bees and now contributes to the Cancer Society Daffodil Day annual display each spring. The second year resulted in spectacular flowering and one night thieves stripped every bloom from the gardens. (They must have had an outlet arranged for their sale). Since then we only loose the odd flower through theft or weather damage. In 2013 the club members manufactured signs that are set in the ground when the flowers bloom late August informing the public that the plantings have been a Rotary project. We are proud supporters of the Cancer Society Daffodil Day. Thinking of all friends and family on this Daffodil Day Friday 31st August 2018.